From Our Founder

All my life I have battled dry skin . . .

As a young woman I was self-conscious of bumps on the back of my arms and leathery hands. I tried all sorts of medicated creams and dermatologist recommended over-the-counter dry skin treatments. 

Nothing worked. 

After years of frustration experimenting with many lotions, creams and soaps to hydrate my skin, I decided to try and make my own.  And succeeded!

Mixing Sage Stone Botanicals Lotions and CremesThe formulas I created were so popular with family and friends, we decided to turn it into a family business. 

Now there is finally something on the market that works!

Mission Sustainable 

My family’s health and the sustainability of our planet are deeply important to me, so I make sure our products are not only safe, organic and natural, but packaged and shipped with the tiniest footprint possible.

 I invite you to try Sage Stone Botanicals Organic Products! Your body will thank you!



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